Provide a fair way to distribute loot based on specific and transparent criteria. Some features of the EPGP system:

1) Share loot based on participation

2) Eliminate incentives to horde or compete with other members

3) Reward good etiquette in raids and in the guild

4) Reward boss kills, even if loot is disenchanted

5) Reward extraordinary acts that benefit the guild (eg exceptional recruitment, exceptional guild bank donation, design & implementation & leadership of extracurricular guild events etc).


What Is EPGP?

It is a way to distribute items raid instances based on a “Priority” system. When items drop, each item is given to the bidding player of proper class and spec with the highest Priority. There are no rolls, although your Priority dictates what person with the most gets the item.

EPGP means Effort Points (EP) / Gear Points (GP). EP is awarded for your actions and increases your Priority. GP is the value of the loot (determined by the addon) you’ve won and reduces your Priority. Your Priority is your EP divided by your GP (EP/GP), so when your EP goes up, your Priority goes up and when your GP goes up, your Priority goes down. [Its basic mathematics; numerator, denominator and its effect on the fraction]

You have two running totals — EP and GP — that both go up. Because Priority is a ratio of the two numbers instead of subtracting one from the other, EP is not tied to gear values and can be awarded for anything you do that the guild values, (See below).

GP is the simplest part of the system. Every item’s GP is calculated from its item level and slot. The EPGP Wiki explains the formula to calculate GP. The EPGP addon will show you the GP value of any item in-game so you can see the GP of your own gear, gear in AH, other player’s gear, and gear that drops off bosses.

EP is awarded as “Earned EP” during raids and as “Bonus EP” for other actions you take. The types of EP awarded and their relative values are set by our officers based on guild priorities. Obviously downing bosses earns EP, however not all bosses are equal. New bosses earn more EP than farmed bosses.

For a detailed explanation of the system, see EPGP Wiki. For more description and to download the in-game addon along with EPGP Lootmaster, please use the section link for Required Addons and once you have downloaded these, visit the [HowTo] Setup and use EPGP, and EPGP Lootmaster topic.


How To Earn EP

Ultimately, this system is designed to reward performance and behaviour conforming to guild objectives and principles. As we gain experience with the system and see how it works, we may change the EP values, types of EP awards, and possibly eliminate some.

WARNING: Do not zone out or leave a raid until EP is awarded at the end of each raid. If you leave before EP is applied, you lose them. We will apply EP manually but it is far easier, and more likely to be correct, if you simply remain in the raid. If you are not in groups 1-5 at the start of the raid, make sure you inform the raid leader that you are on standby, ensuring you are rewarded EP appropriately.


Time spent in raid / RBG 100 / hr Time spent in guild organised events (raids & rated battle grounds) are rewarded with 100 EP per hour, regardless of if you are in the event, or on standby (EP for time spent are awarded after the event is over).


Current Tier Mythic Progression Boss Kills 1000 1st guild kill of mythic bosses is a progression kill.


Current Tier Mythic Boss Farm Kill 500 2nd guild kills are farm kills / End tier mythic bosses are often harder and won’t be declared farm till the 3rd guild kill unless declared otherwise.


Current Tier Heroic Boss Kill 400 Guild heroic kill – current tier only


Current Tier NM Glory Meta Achievement completion 800 Your current tier glory (raid) meta pops.


Last Tier Mythic Boss Farm Kill 250 Some end mythic bosses are farmable for mounts etc so we will continue to kill until that tier is declared deceased.


Cutting Edge Achievement completion 2000 Primary guild objective (recurring for every cutting edge the guild gets).


2k and above RBG achievement completion 1000 Achieve a CR of 2k in RBG (recurring each season)


2.2k Arena achievement completion 1000 Achieve a CR of 2.2k in 3v3 (recurring each season)


Arena Master Achievement completion 2000 Primary guild objective (if obtained in guild this is a one off EP award).


Be on time 100 Awarded prior to start of event. This is also awarded to those on standby. If you aren’t invited in time, you won’t get this EP


Bonus EP (Variable) EP may also be awarded as a bonus for a specific person doing something remarkable, or for the entire raid group for performing efficiently. Bonus EP is also awarded on server-first kills to the entire raid. Examples of a random situation EP may be awarded this way are; the raid completing an immortal kill (if FoS is awarded). Also awarded for exceptional recruitment, exceptional guild bank donation, design & implementation & leadership of extracurricular guild events


How To Win Gear

When a piece of gear drops in an instance, all players of the correct class and spec can bid on it if they have at least 2500 EP. The player with the highest priority wins – there will be no rolls. EP for boss kills is awarded after the loot is distributed, so your Priority will not include the kill. That player’s GP will be updated and Priority will be recalculated.

You cannot bid need on an item if you don’t have at least 2500 EP, although you can win an item if no one above 2500 EP bids on it. If your EP drops below 2500 due to Decay you must work your EP back up. This requires raiders to participate frequently if they want gear rather than cherry-picking their raids.

When the master looter loots the boss, use your EPGP Lootmaster interface to bid or pass on items appropriately. Items will be awarded to on-spec bids before they will be awarded for highest Priority. There will be no GP for Off-Spec gear awarded.


You might notice that as you earn more gear, your GP could grow quite large. Even though your EP grows quickly, your Priority drops faster because your EP is divided by your large GP. So after a few pieces of gear, you might not be able to get another piece for a few months.

This is resolved by a “Decay” factor. Once a week (ID reset), your EP and GP will both be reduced by the “Decay Factor”, which is currently 15%. Your Priority won’t change because both EP and GP are reduced by the same proportion (EP/GP X 0.9/0.9 = EP/GP). The Decay Factor allows your new EP awards to increase your Priority faster than it would have otherwise. The Decay also provides incentive to bid on gear rather than trying to keep it high by “hording EP” because it will go down over time.

Other Rules

1) Recipes, patterns, BoE craft or drop item etc. become property of the guild bank and either sold to members at 50% AH price / sent to the bank toon for AH sale. For the first month of progression, BoE epics are charged at full GP price, then go to the guild bank.

2) People participating on raids on an alt character, are awarded 50% of normal EP gains and are charged 50% GP on items they win. Mains and their alts share the same EP and GP, and gear may be won on either character based on priority. Mains are normally prioritized over alt characters when distributing items through EPGP regardless of priority.

3) Declared special items (Legendary items / mounts etc) are NOT part of the EPGP system the guild uses.

4) Members who leave the guild also lose their EP but not their GP. If they were allowed back in the guild, they will start at zero EP but with their prior GP.


Because of the Decay factor, it is usually better to win a piece of gear than to wait for something better.

The guild awards Mass EP gains to players on Standby. The standby list however is managed by an automated system. Once the raid begins, to put yourself or a character of choice on the standby list, please whisper the Raid leader accordingly;

/w (Raid leader’s name) epgp standby [example: “/w Adrinnia epgp standby” if Joski wanted to put himself on the standby list]

/w (Raid leader’s name) epgp standby main char’s name [example: “/w Adrinnia epgp standby Hanu” assuming Hanu was on Zen, or some other alt]

*Note: You will need to redo this each time the raid is awarded with Mass EP, since you will be automatically removed from the standby list.

*Note: Having yourself on a standby list suggests you will enter the raid instance the second you are called for it, and leave whatever you are doing. If people are found leaching EP from this system, they will be punished severely.