The Dedicated Guild Ranks & Responsibilities are expanded in the members forum.  Below is a overview of the guild structure and an summery of the responsibilities that each rank and relevant position holds.

The Dedicated Guild Master (Rank 1)

Position: DrHeckyll Authenticated.

Responsibilities: Foster the continued growth and interest of The Dedicated.  Build progression and achievement PvE / RBG teams.  Encourage each player to strive to reach new levels of skill, and improve a bit each day. Maintain guild website, forums & Mumble server. Be firm and fair when dealing with issues, and make an effort to clearly define the expectations of the guild to players. Review all guild applications by hand, and conduct interviews when necessary.  In short – run the guild!

The Dedicated Guild Master Assistant (Rank 2)

Position: Currently Vacant.  Also includes the GM & GMA Alts. Authenticated.

Responsibilities: This position is the second-in-charge of the guild, and thus holds with it all the responsibility of the GM in the GM’s absence.  Given the trust required for this position, the GMA holding it must have proven undeniable loyalty and goals that align with the guilds mission and objectives.  They must be able to perform all administrative tasks, from updating the site, moderating VOIP, and organising events. They must be able to apply split-second judgement calls administratively and be able to objectively observe Council and report any wrong-doing/abuse of power/corruption to the Guild Master, so that the integrity of Officer-ship remains intact.  They must be able to advice GM and Council on guild issues, screen potential applicants and mentor guild members. They must be an expert in their class and be trusted source of information on WoW. 

The Dedicated Council (Rank 3)

This Authenticated rank constitutes the officership of the guild, who will meet once per month in a round table discussion of guild matters.  Council members are exceptionally reliable, trustworthy individuals, who possess proven communication skills, and demonstrate personal responsibility on a day-to-day basis. Council members are also mentors, training other guild members in their role and class and advise management on recruitment issues (which they assist in resolving).  They maintain high attendance to guild events and are able to moderate forums and VOIP. A brief position description of each role is listed below:

Position (Web Master):  Lelse

Responsibilities: Full and total access and maintenance of Liaise with Council for improvements to site and administer such requests. Grants and removes moderation statuses to forms. Maintains and uploads content to the site (either given or self initiated). Trains guild members how to use the site as requested, commensurate of their guild rank.

Position (Raid Leader / RL Assistant):  Drheckyll / Currently Vacant.

Responsibilities: Duties include but not limited to; creation of events in both in guild and Openraid; Uploading and analysis of combat logs; management of EPGP and loot; and facilitate raid/group formation. They must be intimately familiar with the players present in the raid, their classes, skill-sets, strengths & weaknesses, and be able to issue out role-based assignments appropriately.  They must also keep up-to-date on all of the latest raiding strategies/boss fights.

Position (Healers Leader):  Currently Vacant.

Responsibilities: It is essential that the healer leader (HL) be an expert healer and be well versed in all healing roles and classes.  The Healer Leader’s main function is; healer group co-ordination; issuing of healing assignments; setting up the healer channel; and advising the raid/RBG leader on all healing related combat matters, including coordination of raid wide cool-downs.  The HL also train and monitor healing performance other healers.  Assist and advice management on healer recruitment.

Position (DPS Leader):  Currently Vacant.

Responsibilities:  DPS leader assists the Raid/RBG leader in all DPS related issues, from recruitment to performance.  Must be able to monitor and analysis combat data (real-time and uploaded), and correctly interpret emerging DPS issues as they occur, offering appropriate solutions.  Must be an expert of at least one pure DPS class (all 3 specs) and well versed in several DPS classes and specs.  Must be able to assist in raid/RBG formation, being aware of mDPS/rDPS stacking and balance issues according to the task at hand.

Position (PvP Leader):  Currently Vacant.

Responsibilities: The PvP leader organises and leads RBG’s and other PvP events.  They are well versed in their class and at a minimum posses rating experience of 1800+ in any competitive PvP discipline.  The PvP leader is very well versed in all the battlegrounds, and their rated and non rated strategies.  They are capable of making major calls under pressure and are able to keep a team together and focused when moral sinks after a loss.  They are able to adapt a teams strategy to suit the rating and skill level of the team in real time.  They stay abreast of emerging PvP trends (including CC tables and arena/RBG comps).  They are able to advise management on all PvP recruitment needs, and train if not recruit, target callers.

Position (Recruitment Officer):  Currently Vacant.

Responsibilities: The recruitment officer co-ordinates with management and other council members identifying recruitment needs.  They maintains Blizzard and Openraid forum recruitment posts and identifies potential recruits with player history checks.  They then organise and participate in events to trial them and facilitate their entry into the guild.  Other duties include; liaising with other Guild Masters on Frostmourne to mitigate poaching; manage advertisement in trade chat, WoW Lemmings and other WoW sites; and oversee the marketing/brand of the guild.

Position (Event Coordinator):  Currently Vacant.

Responsibilities: The event coordinator is a highly social position capable of facilitating events that that can encompass all ranks.  The event coordinator is well versed in social media, forum usage, and Openraid and in game calender event usage.  Events include, guild wide meetings every patch, general guild events, retro content events, transmog and other competitions (with relevant prizes) etc.  The purpose will be to facilitate guild and team bonding in a fun relaxed atmosphere, and to raise the profile of the guild with other players on Frostmourne.  A server wide event should be held at least once per year. 

The Dedicated Champion (Rank 4)

This is a special council rank for any member who did something UBER to benefit the guild. This gives the member the same access to the guild as Council for 1 month only ( i.e “member of the month’). Any member in the guild can obtain this rank! At the end of the month you revert back to your former rank.

Position: Rotational.  Held for 1 month only.

Responsibilities:   Same responsibilities as your current rank. However a level of trust is instilled upon you regardless of your current rank. Betrayal of this trust will result in loss of rank and/or dismissal. In other words you earned this – enjoy it and don’t abuse it.

The Dedicated Few (Rank 5)

The Dedicated Few (def) “Defeat the bosses with less than 21 people in the zone.”

This is the flagship progression team and will be a mythic team, once all the elements of a mythic team are in place. Until then, we will be focusing on guild and team development, by doing Glory of the Draenor Raider, Glory of the Hellfire Raider, Mythic Tier 17 (Backhand mount farm), PvP achievements and RBGs.  

Position: Main Progression Team. Authenticated.

Responsibilities: Members in this team (TDF) display high event attendance and must demonstrate expert knowledge and judgement regarding their particular class, as it pertains to your primary spec. They have already achieved at least a rating of endless 10 in the Proving Grounds (proven title preferred).  Members attend events fully prepared, having viewed the relevant strategies (our resources page can assist with this), obtained consumables, and updated add-ons, all with a solid internet connection.  Members in TDF are constantly looking for ways to improve their PvP and/or raid performance.

The Dedicated Core (Rank 6)

Position: Everyone not in the above or below ranks. Authenticated.

Responsibilities: The default rank for seasoned players who can’t commit to a full raid and/or PvP schedule, members waiting for the opportunity to step up into the TDF (rank 5), or are former TDF members stepping down.  All members of this rank form core of the guild.  They are comfortable with their specs, and can run a mythic and/or silver challenge mode dungeon with relative ease. Core members participate in various server & OpenRaid PuGs, and in achievement hunting (including social and competitive PvP).

The Dedicated Socialite (Rank 7)

Position: Friend or family (18+) of anyone in the above 6 ranks.

Responsibilities: This is the social rank for friends and family & sub max level toons. All Socialites represent the The Dedicated and share our ideals & beliefs, our love of WoW and enjoying playing on-line with us.  Socialites carry these fundamentals so that others outside the guild may take notice and be interested in what we have to offer.

The Dedicated Initiate (Rank 8)

Position: Default Probationary Rank.

Responsibilities: Initiates are brand new members of the guild, and are preparing to learn the ropes and meet the people behind the guild. The probationary period is typically between 2 weeks and 1 month. The guild and Council are monitoring your contributions, social interactivity, and knowledge/skill in WoW. Once everything administratively is in place, and after a successful probationary period, you will be moved to either rank 6 or 7.

The Undedicated (Rank 9)

Position: Default Invite Rank. Not Authenticated.  Once you are invited to the guild you should be moved to Initiate as soon as possible. Other that that, hopefully no one holds this rank.  If you are in here its because you offended Council and/or Management, got hacked, or went MIA for 3 months+.

Responsibilities: Apologise, work out what you did and fix it.  ALL rights and privileges are revoked whilst your future in the guild is discussed by the Council.