At The Dedicated, we aim to standardise our some elements of our User Interfaces (UI), to ensure every member has a uniform experience, and to facilitate easy sharing of prompt & accurate combat information. To that end, a number of UI add-ons are required.  Additional add-ons are highly recommended, whilst others are currently being evaluated.

ElvUI is fast becoming the base UI replacement of many of the world’s top players, as it incorporates several features of multiple add-ons.  The goal of an effective UI, is to provide prompt, accurate and uncluttered combat information and utility.  This aids fast decision making and reduces reaction time.  Regardless of your base UI set up, two things need to be very prominent, namely: 1) Enemy cast bars; 2) Situational debuffs and buffs.

Add-on download clients (which alert you to add-on updates and facilitate their download). They can be obtained by clicking the subsequent links Curse: (Curse Client Download) ; Tuki (ElvUI): (ElvUI Client download)


Every member must install and become familiar with.

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) & all modules (Classic/BC/Wrath/Cata/MOP);

Skada (NOT recount – please remove it if you have it as it creates lag spikes & is less accurate);

Weak Auras 2;

Battleground Targets;

Gladius & GladiatorlosSA

EPGP (Dkp)

Decursive and/or class related equivalent;


Exorsus Raid Tools;

Raid Achievement (+ Mods);


NB: Some add-ons are specially written for situational boss fights.  The guild will be inform you what they are, when they become necessary and available.


Hellfire Citadel: ISKAR assist.



(OPTIONAL) Install which is most appropriate for your setup/class.

Low Heath Alert;


ElvUI (Base UI replacement) + Location Assist mod;

Tidy Plates (+Tank mod if you tank);

Ensidia Fails (+ Mods).




Angry Assignments (and mods);