Mission Statement

The mission of THE DEDICATED is, “to provide a positive, fun atmosphere for active mature gamers of a similar mindset, in a social, respectful & flexible environment, that can enable members to fulfil the guilds primary objective”.

Primary Objective

The primary objective of THE DEDICATED, is to facilitate and enable members to complete as many PvE & PvP achievements as they desire, whilst working towards the ultimate goals of obtaining the ‘Cutting Edge’ Feat of Strength achievement and various competitive PvP titles.”


Why have rules?

The guild culture we wish to develop, requires that guild rules are necessary to ensure the guild environment is one that can facilitate the guild mission and objectives.  Thus, it is necessary to install some boundary’s, to ensure minimal guild drama, and to help members remain focused on what’s important and acceptable in their interactions with each other. Since the rules are common-sense in nature, you will already be familiar with them. Guild Rules are further explained in the members forum.


Age Limit: 18.  We are a mature age guild.

Respect: Respect the person; Respect other players (non guild members); Respect people’s time; Respect your family; and last but not least Respect the Blizzard Terms of Service (ToS).

Complaints: Every attempt should be made to resolve any issues between guild members themselves. In the event an issue arises between a guild and non-guild member, the complaint can be reported to the GM for resolution. Please use the Contact Us form on the site.

Absenteeism:  We are a highly active guild.  Unexplained protracted absenteeism will result in loss of rank, until the absenteeism is resolved.

Loot Rules

Ninja Looting is unacceptable. Any ninja looting reported, or other loot complaints will be adjudicated by the GM or GMA.

Progression raiding: We currently use EPGP for guild progression raids.  If there is less than 80% of guild members in the scheduled event (e.g. pug and/or Openraid run), we will use NB4G.

Loot priority:  Main spec (MS) will be favoured over off spec (OS).  Main toons will be favoured over alts. i.e. MS>OS & Mains>Alts>Mog>D/E.  Your main spec is defined as the spec you were required to be present in when the loot dropped.  BoE’s will become property of the guild.

Special items: Special items include mounts, legendary weapons and BoE’s.  The special item will be declared at the start of the tier and is not subject to EPGP expenditure, rather a modified NB4G system will be used.

Guild Bank

Guild bank usage is an honour system in nature.  It is essential that the guild bank is respected for what it is – a donation from one player to another.  Taking items that you can’t use and then selling/vending them and then keeping the gold is disrespectful and erodes trust.  All withdrawals (and deposits) will be monitored by the guild Council.  Abuse of the guild bank will be noted and brought to the GM’s attention for adjudication.

Voice Communications

The Dedicated currently uses three VOIP programs.  A guide for installation and set-up of each can be found under the Resources’ tab. Mumble is the main guild VOIP. Details can be found in the ‘Guild Info’ section of the in game guild pane, which are to be kept secure.  Mumble is currently used for Openraid events. Curse Voice is currently used for competitive PvP (RBG / Ranked Arena).  A working microphone is essential.  No VOIP and Mic = NO RUN! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Social Media

We currently use both Facebook, Twitter, Twitch TV and Youtube.  Links to all can be located at the top of this site. Please be mindful that both sites will be used by non-guild members.  It is expected that you use these sites with respect and that you respect the people using it.


To progress in the guild it is prefered that you have Blizzard’s authentication.  This ensures that the person logging into your account is actually you. It is a Blizzard account security tool designed to reduce hacking of your account (and thus our guild bank).  You can purchase a physical authenticator direct from Blizzard or download the free one for your phone and attach it to your account.  Be sure to write down the serial number in case you lose your phone or authenticator and need to replace it.